Monthly Archives: December 2014

End of the Tunnel



It feels great to write after a break of two months. Last two months have been extremely busy with submissions, presentations, midterms and exams of my last semester of the Masters program. Today I feel great that I am finally done with all the grad schoolwork and embark on the new journey of professional work. It took me exactly six years from the Associate degree in DeAnza College to completing Bachelors and Masters in SJSU.

Technically, I started going to school when my little girl started her kindergarten. Today she is at the verge of finishing her elementary school and I am done with my Masters program. It is a big achievement for the entire family because they supported me through the thick and thin of this second inning of my college life. I owe them big time for being so patient to accommodate my demanding schedule and late evening college timings at SJSU.

With every passing year and each milestone in this educational journey, I overall grew as a better human being. This education equipped me not only with the skill and expertise in specialized fields of communication, but also offered me an opportunity of working as a mentor/coach in the communication center and an internship opening to work for GYSN STEM education program at SJSU. I learned about living for a cause, value diversity and importance of social justice from my amazing professors and fellow colleagues.

Having said that, it will be half-truth if I wont talk about the flip side of this experience. I have had my ups and downs while running the house, taking care of two school going children and fulfilling the responsibility of a full time student. Stress, self acclaimed isolation from the world, tension from studies, and never ending domestic chores were part and parcel of my life. However, I kept going as if working towards the Masters program was the only personal mission of my life.

Whatever it is that I did to reach this end of the tunnel, it feels great to look back and think what an astounding experience it was…….such that it will always keep me going………