Monthly Archives: January 2015

Walk of Life


IMG_2819So this is my new routine…I am doing exactly what I had only been planning to do regularly for the past six years. Yes, you got it! I am exercising everyday. I religiously get up early in the morning and after dropping the kids to the school, I get ready and hit the gym. I have had my break after the semester got over, and I have no more classes to attend or study for, so do I have any excuse?

Tell you what, after following the strict regime of almost everyday gymming for the past three weeks, I am actually feeling great. I wont say it works or not as yet, but at least I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. And now as a regular gym member I have made some interesting hardcore exerciser friends who are into running marathons, hiking, and biking apart from their everyday workout routines. I got so inspired by them and their stories that I thought about giving it a try too.

Guess what? I decided to go for a hike at Rancho San Antonio with my girls on last Sunday. One cannot help but  feel the sun, the fresh air, the lush green mountains, the happy kids running around, the mommies and daddies brisk walking with their babies in the prams, and of course the veteran hikers, bikers and runners who lighten up the place with an organic and healthy aura overall. It is appalling to have missed  on such a beautiful place and the walking opportunity for so long. It felt like the whole of Cupertino was there at the ranch with their kids except me.

I could see me my girls excited and enthralled while running, jumping, and talking all at once. They acted like park rangers guiding me through the trails and showing me different techniques to walk without getting out of breath. However, once when we were climbing uphill, I was so much out of breath that it was like my heart was trying to come out of my mouth….looking at my state my girls kept on asking mommy are you ok? Although I pretended I was all but normal, I realized in the fast race of life to achieve my objective I totally neglected my body.

So as of today I decide to continue my exercising regime as much as possible and take such self-realization hikes every now and then.


A new venture


I am back to square two from where I had started six years ago. I won’t say I am back to square one because I am ahead in the game with a Masters degree, and loads of excitement to practice my knowledge and experience in the real world. However, my H4 visa status does not allow me to work, so today onwards I am taking on another internship as a social media manager at on pure volunteer basis. 

Webewanda is a nonprofit website targeted towards children to learn Science and Art with cool fact files and fun lessons in drawing, and coloring. As a Social Media Manager I will use social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit etc. to link Webewanda with my children audience and their parents/teachers in order to create a community of curious little learners, and explorers. My goal will be to create a fan/ follower base and develop networks for fun and learn engagement @ webewanda. 

I am all excited to start with this new venture because my storytelling ability will be put to real test while communicating, and connecting with my audience.

Visit to teach your children how to draw and color: