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The Viral Outbreak



I had  plans to make my childrens’ winter break memorable with a skiing vaca, so as to catch the last snow of the season but in vain, coz as a family there was something else in store for us. They say as a parent your immune system strengthens in first five years of your child’s birth because children catch all sorts of infections that their bodies are unaware off mostly from their day care centers and schools. While helping the children build resistance to these infections, parent bodies also get exposed to these bugs and as a result the first five years prove crucial for the children and their parents to build antibodies that fight such viral and bacterial infections.

Even after surpassing the five-year immunity term children often come home with highly contagious bacterial or viral infections. I was down for the past two weeks with one such gift of love from my kid. First, I helped my kids fight it out and then they switched the roles to help me combat this viral infection. This was almost like a super bug viral that we were infected with because I noticed that after almost all the other symptoms vanished the bug attacked our lungs with cough, and phlegm. My doctor told me that we were affected with the viral in air that starts with sore throat, fever, cold and ends up with whooping kind of cough and vomiting or diarrhea in some cases. So the best way to protect yourself from getting such an infection from your near and dear ones is keep your hands clean. Use soap or antibacterial to wash your hands frequently.

Apparently every other person I am speaking to living in my area is complaining about being affected by this viral in some form. Last week schools in Cupertino school district were closed on account of winter break, but most kids spent their vacation at home because of the viral outbreak. With only three and half months left to finish this school year, I hope it was the last major flu or viral outbreak for us.