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View from my new classroom

View from my new classroom

Ever since I came back from India, I boarded on the mission for job accomplishment. While doing so, one of my friends  suggested that I should start subbing. That way, I earn something and keep myself constructively busy. I quickly agreed because classroom teaching can also give me some exposure to practical implementation of my problem based learning project n grad school.

On the basis of my Masters and CBEST and CSET, I got the first long term assignment to teach in a kindergarten class. I enjoyed working with the little wonders. They made me realize how every new generation is like super breed of humans. I had never seen kids like them who do not hesitate to talk anything and everything just about anywhere they want. They could disagree unapologetically and ask adorable questions, only to leave me awe struck and  surprised together.  All my kindergartners had unique personalities that kept me going. They were cute, funny, smart, witty, nosy, quirky, naughty and completely amazing in every possible way. Our learning was not one sided because I learned a lot from them too. I am sure, the sas and the attitude that I picked up from them will help me some day.

My second assignment is a sixth grade language arts and social studies position. These kids are about five to six years older than my kindergartners, but they are equally naughty and childish. I love working with sixth graders too because their responses and reactions give me instant feedback. This bunch of sixth graders is receptive about new information and knowledge, so they are a teacher’s delight when it comes to learning and exploring educational wonders of language arts and social studies.

In the mean while, I am brushing my technical skills to hit the job market with a well rounded techno functional profile.