Mid night thought


Whenever I speak to my cousin sister in Mumbai India, I feel like how come she has so much time on hand to think and do insignificant things. Every time I call her, she tells me of it being some special day on the calendar and is busy celebrating it, or is always getting something specially cooked for guests coming over. As a working woman she balances her act so well with the help of her support system, which is made of only ….. 10 people. Ten minutes on the east of her house reside her parents. 20 minutes away on the west of her house live her in laws. At home, she has two baais (maids) for help with cooking, cleaning and other chores. And when all of the above eight members of her support system are not available, she avails the help of her sister or sister in law who both live pretty close by. Hmmmm….no wonder!

I am also a working woman in California, but my support system has only two pillars….one is me and other is my husband……Most of the times my husband tells me not to count on him because of his demanding work hours….So I am kind of exhausted always and whenever I yawn on the phone, she says you sound like you are sleep deprived….da! obviously……And why not, coz it is so right! I cannot make it to the bed before 12 any day of the week. I work and I drop the kids to school, and I drive them to swimming class everyday, and I cook and I clean, and I go to bed exhausted and the routine continues …..like I am in the “Java… if then loop.” As against my sister, when I am free, I am thinking of sneaking a nap, bring take out, or thinking of the next break to school. That way, I can sleep late and not worry of the packed lunch. And so much for living abroad ……

Therefore all I can wish for at this hour of the day……sorry….this hour of the night….. is a baai!


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