I lead an adventurous life as a globetrotter, thanks to my husband who travels for work. It won’t be wrong to say that living in different places has changed me as a person from what I was to what I am today. Because these places have influenced my attitude, values, moral and perspective towards life.

My name is Suchitra Varma and now I am a Californian. I am born in Mumbai and brought up in Mumbai and Pune, India. Mumbai gave me resilience, adaptability, speed and multicultural competence while Pune taught me to enjoy time and space in life.  Further, living and working in Singapore gave me first class international exposure to global business ethics, and life as a NRI. On my next stop in Malaysia, I enjoyed my time as a mom to my little ones. Having said that, apart from Mumbai if there is any other place that I have lived the most, it is California.

California taught me to live progressively with higher studies, technology, volunteering in the community, going green and Bikram yoga. My children started their formal schooling here, I got my Masters here and overall I matured as a wife, mother, student and a global citizen here in California. And now at this turning point of life, I want to connect with all the aspiring people out there full of love for life, learning and adventure on a common platform of lived experiences in education, work and everyday life.