Just read the book, “Checklist Manifesto” by Atul Gawande and was  startled to read that best of surgeons lose patients because someone in their team failed to wash their hands and pass the bacterial infections. Thus, he stresses on how simple checklists can help minimize human errors in such cases and how checklists are critical in every profession. His claim is backed by evidences based  on his own professional experiences as a surgeon.
Thoroughly enjoyed watching Bollywood movie Dangal in the theatre with my family. No movie can beat this one until at least for the next ten years. No wonder it is gaining accolades as a decade movie.
I tried to catch up with goodreads of 2016, and got the book, “Irena’s children” by Tilar J. Mazzeo. It is the story of a Polish nurse Irena Sendler, who risked her own life to save around 2500 jewish kids from the Warsaw ghetto during the second world war. True human spirit of kindness, bravery, courage and righteousness.
The Mallari Dance performance at Nrita Hriday 2015
The Jatiswara Dance Performance at Nritya Hriday 2015
I read this book from Oprah’s book club list  because as per her the book is powerful enough to universally connect everyone with their growing up family memories of comfort food. In the same reference, I loved the way Steven Spielberg explained how mashed potatoes with extra butter reminds him about his mother. Really, The hundred foot journey by Richard Morais is by far the best foodie novel I have ever read because it not only creates more craving for food from spicy Indian delicacies to la cuisine francaise the traditionnelle, but also depicts a splendid intercultural experience.
Last weekend I started reading Chanakya’s Chant, yet another book by Ashwin Sanghi and was completely captivated with it. The book reveals Alexander’s quest for India,  renowned university of Takshashila, thriving Indian kingdoms, realms of buddhism, fall of Magadha and rise of Chandragupta under the guidance of cunning and clever Chanakya the master of political science.
Just finished reading Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi the Indian Dan Brown of Da Vinci code. The book is fiction with rock solid research on Krishna, Mahabharata, Rig Veda, Yadavas and the modern day excavation details of the submerged Dwarka, Mohan Jodaro, Himalayas and the remains of Somanth temple. The book is absolutely engaging, intriguing, and ravishing with the running story of the so-called
modern day Vishnu avatar Kalki.
Today is Friday, August the  23rd, 2014 which marks the successful completion of first  week of new school year.  To celebrate it we had shrimp biryani and  watched another magical story with our kids that took us into the world of fire dragons, trolls, kings, goblins and The Hobbit. Enjoy!
Got to experience Mumbai like never seen or heard before from a dirty, illegal, greedy, lusty, and criminal perspective with the book “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts. Riveting story of a man who traveled across the continents only to find Mumbai and fell in love with it’s humanity forever.

Today I tuned into the song “ Oh! What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong and I felt good about everything around. The temperature was soaring hot outside, but I felt really cool, cool inside. This song just reminds me to appreciate the world whole heartedly and enjoy my mere existence in it. Listen to the song of soul here:

Why do you think women are heroes? because they live and die with every child birth. With every child birth they reinvent themselves physically and emotionally to thrive along with the new life they bring to this earth. This TV series is a tribute to womanhood, watch “Call the midwife.”